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the ETH Revolution


the eTH Revolution

The EthBurn Token is a gasoptimized ,
hyperdeflationary BEP20-Ethereum Reward Token built on the Binance
Smartchain and dedicated to the Eth 2.0 Migration!

Every Holder will automatically get allocated 5% BEP20-Ethereum on
every Transaction based on their holding percentage -
which then (Time of Distribution depending on Volume)
gets automatically Airdropped to their Wallets

Hold and watch your Ethereum Stack grow while sleeping.

EthBurn provides a hyperdeflationary token model utilizing buybacks
and Auto-On-Chain-Burning to guarantee a rising Price Floor by reduction
of the Total Circulating Supply.


Total Supply

Buy Tax

5% Bep-20 eth Rewards
2% LP
1% “True” Burn
1% Marketing
1% Dev

Sell Tax

5% Bep-20 Eth Rewards
2% LP
1% “True” Burn
1% Marketing
1% Dev

Transfer Tax



Phase 1

-launching telegram community✅
-fam+friends seedround/private sale(filled 200 bnb in 12h - same price as launch)✅
-create socials ✅
-amas + strategical collabs✅
-Listing on various swaps

Phase 2

-Introducing ways for more passive income such as lottery draw / raffle ✅
-Utilizing established defi partnerships to raise more rewards to the community ✅
-Integration of governance utility
-Initial marketing push✅
-CMC Listing ✅
-CG Listing ✅

Phase 3

-Significant marketing push/growth of the community ✅
-Special events ✅
-Launching staking pools ✅
-Launching our NFT collection

Phase 4

- Pushing for CEX listings
- Take over BSC
- Introduce Secret Utility
- Expanding the team to grow to the next phase